천의미모윤아 1st Record Pack "VOGUE 2015"

Only Yoona on the stage of Concert & Tour


1. Details


2011~2013 SNSD Concert in Seoul & World

2011~2014 1st Arena Tour & Tokyo Dorm

SM Town in Seoul & World

Related Airport during Tour


2. Specifications

- Photobook :  A4 size / 180~200p/ Softcover / high quality paper (not thin paper like a magazine) / all color

- DVD 2 or 3 CDs / Running time (not decide yet)


* All details have possiblity to change because of edit & arranged to make goods


3. Special Glfts


Oversea buyer without option : Mini DVD

Customized dust bag, A1 poster 1 sheet, A3 poster 2 sheets, Polaroid Photo Sets, Fan, Anti- micro sticker 2 sheets (Same ones), Sticker 2 sheets, (Same design, different material)


4. Date

Period : 3/23~5/30

Expected delivery date : Aug.


5. Price


1set : $46 + EMS

2set : $46*2 =$92  + EMS




see the ems guide ↓



6. Deposit Account



 1) Bank Account

 - Bank name:IBK (Industrial Bank of Korea)


 - Address: 50, Euljifo, 2-Ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

 - Account No: 1990-0530-99

 - Account Name: YASTYLE



 2) Paypal

 PayPal : kkya02@gmail.com


 How to Use PayPal http://bit.ly/M9S6eT

 Please, Check the "I will pay the Fee" ! (It's important)


 * remark

 no option to choose paying cost

 -->  Just adding 4.5% of total amount

      For example, you want to pay $100 -> You have to pay $100+$4.5= $104.5



7. Ask to confirm


 Subject : [Photobook] ask to confirm



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 3) Amount of Money :

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 9) E-mail address

 10) past support donater (If you have, and only for individual paticipation not local fansite co- donator)



 * All schedules and specifications can be changed

 * Do not take the refund without special reasons

 * The preview is just the preview  for the concept and example, so the preview will not be contained in goods for better quality

 * If your goods have a problem , you have to tell within 5days after you take your goods

 * The question to chunyoon0530@naver.com with email the title [goods Questions]  or Q&A in goods site (Q&A is more faster)

 * Pz check and keep the additional notice for goods

 * Goods profit will use for YA Bday